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We believe in affordable luxury, for this reason, we have curated a selection of necklaces that follow top trends in the fashion industry while being classy and wearable at the same time. Bold, minimalist, statement, dainty, we've got you covered. Check it out!


Empowerment Necklace

Feel empowered and beautiful everyday wearing our "I AM WORTH IT" necklace.


Isabelle Necklace

Our Meghan necklace will certainly turn heads with its minimalist yet bold design. Versatile, easy to wear, you can rock it with the toggle clasp in the front, on the side, or in the back.


Clients' love

I'm so happy and thrilled with my purchase that I couldn't wait to share my testimonial. This has been my best experience shopping online, you should see the packaging!! it felt like I bought a high end piece of jewelry! So much detail, so much class and taste...the packaging is jaw dropping and I'm not even kidding. I've bought the "I'm Worth It" empowerment statement necklace in the large size with the classic oval link chain, and I'm so glad I did because now I see it's sold out and it's on pre-order (no wonder) woot woot! :-). The piece is stunning, very high quality, it's beautiful and heavy, it doesn't feel flimsy, and the gold plating and overall craftsmanship is exceptional. I feel empowered every time I wear it and get tons of compliments! The customer service is 10/10 and they give you a trusted, personalized experience. Can't wait to shop my next piece. Thank you Defined Luxe Jewelry.


I received my first piece from
and I can not describe my delight! The piece was an 18k over stainless steel
neck chain that has the presence of solid gold. It will offer me so much
flexibility to layer with other pieces or be stunning when worn alone.
The packaging was to die for! I could tell it was done with such demand
for detail - meticulous is the word. If you want a finely crafted piece
handled with same precision and passion that went into your chosen
piece, then should always be your 1st stop!


I wanted to write a short review on the amazing necklace I have
been wearing from Defined Luxe. I have very sensitive skin so I have to
be very picky and discerning when it comes to wearing jewelry. In fact, I
only wear fine jewelry because of this. Imagine my surprise and utter
joy when I was able to wear this gorgeous necklace for a solid 18 hours
and not have a skin reaction. This is a game changer for me. It washes
well and doesn’t tarnish. So thrilled to have discovered this brand and
amazing kind of jewelry!


Stunning brand, these
jewellery pieces are not only high quality but are incredibly unique and
individual. It's very hard these days to come across a brand that has
all styles of jewellery and feel fortunate that I have finally found a
brand which fits all
my needs. The gold is very high quality and the tone is absolutely
stunning, not tacky but a beautiful deeper golden color. Would 100%
recommend anyone looking for statement jewellery pieces to buy from
Defined Luxe Jewellery.


I don't know even know how to start. Ladies, when I opened the box I was like the packaging is so beautiful!!!. It made me feel really special. So much detail went into the packaging. Even the thank you card and care guide cards are beautiful and match the color theme. I kept all the packaging because it was so nice. The jewelry is so beautiful! it feels so nice against my skin. The piece I have which is the dainty Fortune Tarot card is so detailed you can tell this jewelry is top notch quality. From the moment I received the package I felt like I was having a luxurious experience. I feel so beautiful, special, and worth it wearing DL high quality jewelry. I never felt this experience buying jewelry from anyone else. I would recommend you buy DL jewelry because you are enough and worth it. But most importantly you will be so glad you did.


I am so impressed with Helen, a thick and luxurious statement
necklace. I love that it's 18 carat gold plating over stainless steel - I
know it will wear very well and last forever. It has a lovely touch of a
little jewel hanging off the back - ADORABLE! I highly recommend
Defined Luxe Jewelry. Lovely pieces and the owner is a real gem who
operates with high integrity and an eye toward quality and fashion.
Can't wait to see the silver collection!


Thank you for everything! I am so impressed with Defined Luxe
Jewelry. The items are high quality and the packaging is impeccable. I
don’t have any gold jewelry in my collection, but I will wear Defined
Luxe Jewelry because it’s so chic trendy and classy all at the same
time. I can’t wait to add my next piece! I will definitely order again!


Wow wow wow speechless ! From the quality, design, craftsmanship and delivery! @defineluxejewelry is impressive! The design is so
Luxurious that I had to go back for more ! Prices are affordable and designs are so on trend! I recommend this 100%! Perfect gift ideas !


The Tali Oval Earring Hoops are very classy and sophisticated. When I received the package, the unboxing was a very satisfying experience. Defined Luxe Jewelry delivers what it promises; high quality & affordable fashion jewelry. From the wrapping to the thank you card, every detail made me feel like they truly cared about me as a client; very VIP. I totally recommend the brand and the best part is that they offer free personalized styling consultation if needed.

  • You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough.

You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough.