1. What makes your jewelry different from other jewelry that looks similar or even the same?

Well, first of all, know that not everything that looks the same is, in fact, the same. There are many factors involved in the manufacturing process of a piece of jewelry. You can see two necklaces that look exactly the same, but the base metal could be different, and the same applies to the gold plating and overall finish.

For example, you can have the exact necklace made with a zinc alloy base, a copper base, a brass base, a .925 sterling silver base, a titanium base, or a stainless steel base. They all look the same from the outside but the base is a major factor when it comes to determine durability, corrosion, hypoallergenic qualities, and the list goes on an on. Even when we talk about stainless steel there are different categories and not all of them are corrosion-free, so just because you see that a necklace is described as "stainless steel" do not assume it won't fade or corrode over time. We use the highest grade of stainless steel in the market (which is in most cases surgical grade), living up to the highest standards in the industry. It's corrosion-free, it guarantees a much better adhesion of the gold plating hence a much better durability, and it's hypoallergenic but NOT all stainless steel pieces you see in the market are made equally.

Our gold plating is thick and different from that of our competitors. Ours is extremely durable and it has a very natural color and finish. When the base metal is of the highest quality, you can rest assured that the gold plating will last as long as proper care is provided.

2. Most jewelry websites don't accept returns for full refunds, only store credit. Does DL Jewelry follow the same policy?

No. We are so confident in our premium materials that we do accept returns for full refunds if applicable**, please check our return policy for more details.

3. Is DL Jewelry waterproof? I've seen commercials and sponsored ads with jewelry under running water to prove it.

First of all, you don't really know how those pieces look after the water commercial ;-). There's a huge misconception out there, and since integrity is one of our core values, and having been in the jewelry design space for over 17 years, we'd like to clear this up: the fact that a piece of gold-plated jewelry has a stainless steel base doesn't automatically imply that the gold plating won't fade over time.Yes, some stainless steel grades are tarnish and corrosion-free, which means the BASE metal (which is what lays underneath the gold plating) won't corrode, oxidize, or change color over time. Ferretic stainless steel, for example, may corrode. A stainless steel base guarantees prolonged durability because it provides a better base, hence a better adhesion of the gold plating to the piece, but what is crucial to understand is that what is tarnish and corrosion-free is the BASE, not the gold plating.

That being said, all of our pieces are water-resistant, which means they can resist occasional spills of water, but to extend the life and high luster of our articles, we do not recommend to wear them in the shower or wash your hands with the pieces on. We also recommend wiping out your pieces of jewelry after they've been in contact with water because water can also stain, especially if you live in areas with hard water. All of our pieces come with a care guide, so we've got you covered ;-).

To avoid unpleasant surprises, always keep your expectations realistic and aligned with the products you're buying. Fashion jewelry, no matter how great the quality could be, will never be the same as real, solid gold (like a crystal will never be a diamond right?). Before believing in promises, please make sure your favorite shop offers a solid return/refund policy.

4. Can I wear your jewelry to the beach, pool, sauna, or to the gym?

You can but it's NOT recommended. Remember that water at the beach has salt and chemicals like iodine among others, the pool has either salt or chlorine, and if you wear the pieces to the sauna or the gym they'll be in contact with sweat which is acidic and these categories are not part of the "waterproof" umbrella.

5. What materials are DL Jewelry pieces made of? 

We use a very high-quality type of gold plating over surgical grade stainless steel (unless otherwise stated in the description of each product), living up to the highest standards in the fashion jewelry industry. Since we don't cut corners and aside from the top-notch plating we use a very high-quality base, your pieces will last for many years to come with proper care (we include a care guide with all our products).

We use real 18K gold for our gold plating. It's thick and robust, has high polish, smooth luster, and will never leave your skin green. Every connecting part has been polished to perfection in order to avoid sharp edges that may scratch your skin, snag your hair, or ruin your clothes.

Our designs don't have the typical artificial bright yellow finish, conversely, our finishes are very natural yet sophisticated, making the pieces more versatile and longer-lasting.

6. Will your pieces leave my skin green?

Absolutely not. Both our base metal and plating is of the highest quality you can find in the market and they won't leave your skin green.

7. What's your best advice on how to take care of my DL Jewelry pieces?

  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as fragrance, body lotions, hair sprays (which drops may fall directly on your jewelry), water (pure, chlorinated, salted), and sweat.
  • Do NOT use polishing cloths or standard jewelry polishing/cleaning products. Just wipe your piece after wearing it.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place. Avoid bathrooms' countertops or any area of your household where humidity could be present.

8. Will your pieces last forever?

That's a statement that as much as we'd love to make, we can't because we operate with high integrity, and truth be told, only noble metals and precious stones last forever (i.e.: solid gold, diamonds). However, we can proudly say that with proper care, our pieces will last for years to come and hopefully forever. Remember, this is very high-quality fashion jewelry, not real gold, although we use real gold for the plating process.

9. Do you also customize items? (length, details, etc.?)

Yes. As long as the design allows it we do offer customization.

10. Will your jewelry come ready to gift or should I need to buy gift wrapping supplies?

That's up to you, but our jewelry comes already packaged, so you can gift it to your loved ones as soon as it arrives in the mail. We want to take the burden of spending money and time gift wrapping off your shoulders. Our packaging is jaw-dropping; we want you to have a luxurious experience even if you buy our least expensive item. We've got you covered sis ;-).

11. Do you sell jewelry for men?

Right now most of our jewelry line is targeted towards women, but in the future we will definitely be serving the male audience as well, count on that.

** Not all returns qualify for full refunds (i.e.: earrings, returns outside of the return window, missing parts, etc.). Please check our return policy for more details.