Meet The Founder & Designer Behind DL Jewelry

Hi, I'm Giselle, an economist turned jewelry designer :-). I've always had a strong passion for jewelry, and always felt that you're not truly dressed up and put together until you glam it up with a nice piece of jewelry.

Jewelry is so powerful! It has the magic to elevate any outfit and you don't really need to spend a fortune to look chic and put together.

It all started by "accident" over 17 years ago, when I needed to repair a dear necklace that I bought on a trip to Prague, Czech Republic where I fell in love with Czech crystal and the culture surrounding the glass-making industry in this beautiful country.

I recall that while strolling the picturesque streets of Prague we visited a crystal shop, and there was an antique silver crystal necklace there that was screaming my name :-). My parents bought it for me, and I'd wear it for years to come until it broke while I was visiting my boyfriend in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was super sad because that necklace was not only beautiful, but it was a dear memory that I treasured from that beautiful trip with my parents and my sister. Throwing it away was NOT an option.

I recall I showed him the broken necklace and he told me that right across the street there was a tiny little jewelry shop. "Why don't you try? They might be able to fix it" he said.

The next day I was there first thing in the morning before they'd opened, just to make sure I would be the first. Indeed, I was the first customer, but to my disappointment, they told me they didn't do repairs. However, they asked if I'd be open to learning how to repair it myself if they taught me how to with some supplies I had to buy from the store. Guess what? I couldn't buy the supplies faster :-). That night I could repair my gorgeous Czech crystal necklace, and I recall thinking: "If I could repair this one, I can repair all the broken necklaces I have, and I can even make necklaces from scratch !!

That's what I did. I was ecstatic! I started repairing necklaces for my mom, my sister, and my friends. I started taking classes, masterclasses, courses, crash courses, you name it, to turn my passion into something more "formal." Still, nothing truly made me feel fulfilled because everything was like following a recipe. I couldn't find any course at any level that could challenge my imagination to the point I wanted. I felt that instead of connecting with my creative energy, I was just stringing beads, and at one point, I felt that NOTHING could teach me and beat what came straight from my heart: my own inspiration. Quickly I started gaining confidence in my skills, and at this point, I was not only repairing but also designing necklaces, and the rest is history. I started selling customized jewelry made with the highest quality crystals, inspired by my trip to Prague and the ancient tradition around the glass-making industry. People loved my designs. I recall I would run out of stock, and still, people wanted to buy my samples, even the jewelry I was wearing!

Crystals have always been part of my soul and the core of my business. They were so deeply embedded in my soul to the point that whenever I needed to come up with a nickname (even if it was to make a restaurant reservation), that was "Crystal" :-).

To this day, I've successfully sold thousands of pieces of my crystal jewelry around the world, and seeing the positive impact I've made on all my happy clients, rest assured crystals will also be part of DL Jewelry. Stay tuned ;-).